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The goal of this project was to create something that could catalog and what the shuttle was for and it's history. The goals were ambitious and still are. This represents only a fraction of what the countless men and women sacrificed in order to advance the entire world into a new era of space travel. Sadly though the era of the Space Shuttle has come to an end, and (at the time of writing) we approach the 10 year anniversery of the final flight returning home it is important to remeber the names of the 14 astronauts that lost their lives in the action of serving the greater world community as well as remebering all the astronauts and cosmonauts that have paid the ultimate price. Two pieces of art are on display to commerate these brave men and women, the first being placed on the moon in 1971 by the crew of Apollo 15 detailed here. Along with a second dedicated in 1991 that has been updated with every life lost in the ever forward pursuit of spaceflight detailed here.

To view the source code please visit the github repository linked here

The work of the individuals is taken from information found in the public domain and is readily found online both at and all images used on this site are courtesy of the fine folks at nasa and were captured durning the live launches and operations of the Space Shuttle program. This project was created and made for the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburgh's Digital Humanities course. Information for the XML creation was taken mostly from the aforementioned, any missing or incomplete infomration was taken from mission logs or Wikipedia. All graphs and visulizations were created by either contributer to the project and are a direct analysis of the information collected. Any questions, concerns, or issues with the images or graphics used in this project please direct them to the contributors, either by email or through github.

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.